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Businesses of every size require good PC backup systems for data security. While proliferation of data is inevitable, it also results to a more expensive and time consuming data protection. Most of the clients protest that these procedures disturb the company's regular workflow. Let us discuss a data compression method that can answer these issues and also the various services available to secure business data.

The PC backup technology has been greatly innovated with the birth of data deduplication. The problem with most businesses is that they tend to keep several copies of the same data, like email attachments sent to different addresses. This will affect not only the storage capacity but also the backup times. Deduplication removes all repeated information and retains just a single copy. The duplicates are then replaced Big Data Analytics with links to the retained data.

Insync data protection from Druva works on this principle. The website indicates 80 percent redundancy is common in storage systems. The method can increase the storage space, and reduce backup time and bandwidth by 90 percent. The remote server is located on different sites. It monitors and records every data change. Therefore, the system can instantly go back online in case of power outage as a result of the point-in-time recovery. The license can either be renewable or permanent, and a maintenance fee is being charged per PC.

Similarly, Simpana from CommVault Systems believes in the concept of data compression and safety. By comparison it claims only a 50 percent reduction in backup times. As such, Druva is http://www.freewebsite-service.com/bob7lee8/blog.php?id=689877&snavn=Blog+post more focused on PC backup while CommVault is more of data management services. Data search and analysis are just among the many components that are highlighted by data management. This may be more costly and as such, prices are not made public.

For smaller companies, Carbonite Pro is more suitable. This is a very basic PC backup thus it is easy to use. Nonetheless, this does not focus on data deduplication. The cost reflects a simple monthly fee based on gigabytes required.

PC backup can be both simple and complicated depending on business requirements. To spot which is more appropriate, it is important to consider and review the different data protection services available. It is often said that there are two types of people in the world, those that use a hard drive backup service and those that will. If you are still under the second group, you undoubtedly know how it feels to be a victim of a system breakdown.

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