How to Buy a Hip Flask

Having a stylish hip flask is every alcohol enthusiast's pride and joy. Little more than enough to smuggle around in ones pocket, these cleverly kado untuk sahabat liquor containers are utilized by party goers all over the world to sneak a quick shot of booze, typically in places where alcohol isn't available, too expensive or too inconvenient to buy because of long lines. Ah yes, the old-world ingenuity of the almighty hip flask has been bringing smiles to socially ambitious liquor fans faces for centuries now. It makes for an ideal gift, the perfect wingman and an ideal buzz.

There are several factors to consider when investing in a hip flask, as they can be found in a multitude of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. buying for yourself or for a pal as a gift, here are the key features to consider when buying a hip flask:


Hip flask fill capacities range anywhere from two to twelve ounces, with ounces becoming the most typical size. True flask officionados own multiple sizes to meet the needs of any alcohol-infused occasion. And, since flasks save a huge amount of money anyhow, you might as well bust-out and equip yourself with different sizes for whatever debauchery-filled adventure comes your way.


Hip flask prices vary quite a bit and typically depend on components and the amount of craftsmanship. If you fancy a fine silver or pewter, you can easily shell out a couple of hundred bucks. However, if a stainless steel flask suits your buzz-hungry requirements, prices are much more reasonable but you'll still have to drop about $30 to $50 for anything of decent quality. And finally, at the top of the affordability list may be the uber-inexpensive plastic material flask, which, ironically, has recently become the most popular kind of flask product category on the market. Advances in chemical free of charge plastics have led to some cool new plastic material flask products that are certainly the most affordable, but that are also loaded with innovative features and designs.


The most crucial factor of a great hip flask, the experts declare, is its ease-of-use efficiency, or lack thereof. If it looks great but is difficult to use or it lacks discreetness, it will not make the cut. Therefore, without further ado, here are the must-have top features of a flask: 1) it should be is easy to fill, 2) it will need to have a hinged cap, 3) it must be discreet, 4) it will need to have a cover, and 5) it must be easy to pour.

So there you have it, insider insight on how to mobilize your partying, reduce your spending and maximize your public life. Good luck and be sure to choose your weapon wisely!