Side Chick

I dont get why hes always treating me like his other woman, like his side chick, like his dirty little secret, like mpango wa kando.... his booty call.... juzi i was to help him move in... he said we shall meet in town after um done wit classes (ie around 8 pm) so i call him around that time but he tells me i shoud give him more ttime... like an hour to be in town... but i know beta his one hour samtimes turns to be 2-5 hrs or samtimes he doesnt show up... so i sugest instead i wait up i meet him on sato after class(ie around 12 pm) so come sato i call him around that time and he adds i go to his place after 2hrs since his mom is comin around to chek his place. so i say sawa n in tell him to call me around 2 ama wakitoka... i sit in a cafeteria takin coffee staring at the clock hoping he wil call earlier than 2 or @2... 2 fikas n nathing yet from him... waiter give me anatha latte... anatha 150 bob gone waitin plus mytime is also being wasted... 3 fikas stil nathing yet... 4 fikas and i think my body system cant take anymore coffe... i decide to give up and go home... around 5pm thus wen he calls.... 12-1,1-2,2-3.3-4,4-5... thus five 5!! five hours of waitn for samone who dint show up!!!... right then i had my breaking point.... um FED UP... am eva queing.... um eva in his que... babe give me one hr... babe come after two hrs... nipe thirty mins.... He treats me wrong... n there things abt him that will neva change.. i deserve beta i think...time for me to remove me from this pain...and anyhu.. a person can only fight for soo long