The OPPO best smartphone Full Netcom OPPO R7 Plus Reviews

Here is a new smartphone OPPO R7 Plus belong to OPPO series.Due to OPPO R7 Plus have a better appearance and nice performance, so OPPO R7 Plus is popular with many Chinese students.There is some reviews about OPPO R7 Plus below.

The best is the flash charge, the personal view is simply the biggest highlight of the phone and help point, a good solution to the problem of the speed of the charge. Taking pictures, the effect can also be, but flash shoot this function is very good very strong. 4100mah large capacity battery, in actual use, life is not so awesome, although the battery has a large capacity, but still not enough, actually play the game, or a half day charge, but fortunately there are flash charging, charging rate to go up. The other is the price, a little expensive, on this configuration is not worth. 1080P Gao Qingping, although not 4K screen, but the image effect is really good, watching movies and television is very good. The whole machine's appearance, especially the face, can be regarded as the most beautiful 6 inch mobile phone. The flash shot and these two special skills are awesome flash charge, flash shot simplified camera open step, flash charging can reduce the charging time, used to love these two functions.

Although OPPO R7 Plus have some disadvantages, there are many students want to buy it.In addition, if you want to buy OPPO R7 Plus,you consider those reviews come from our customers.Thank you!