Great Success In Starting Up At Tangshan Wanxing

Today, we started up the CO2 foam XPS production type of TDS95-TDD250 in Tangshan Wanxing whose task was the initial one of UNIDO (US Industrial Development Organization) tasks implementing in China.

We started the mix of HFC, Hydrocarbon and co2, and then twin screw extruder manufacturer we diminished HFC detail by detail until zero. Finally, it’s only Ethanol and CO2. The thickness of the panel remained at 5cm that was the typical thickness of customer’s product. They put the boards into store directly just.

This is a substantial day to XPS industry in China. Effective setting up of this collection opened the curtain of HCFC phasing out system implemented by UNIDO. Only this relative line only can reduce 600,000kg of HCFC usage which is equivalent to 126, 000 tons of skin tightening and emission.

We are focused on providing the total quality and solution devices to HCFC phasing in XPS industry globally. For more information about CO2 foam in XPS table production, our experts would like to share our wealthy knowledge with you. Let’s do something.