Travel Packages Even First-Class Passengers Can’t Ignore

Travel packages aren’t just for budget tourists following tour guides with red umbrellas anymore. Travelers travel fujian accustomed to five stars and first class can easily save with them, too.

Airlines, hotels and car-rental companies have gotten more aggressive at offering unpublished discount prices through bundled packages, and online travel agencies are making it easier to book packages, even on smartphones. Business travelers, too, can save big buying airline tickets and hotel rooms together.

Airlines Reporting Corp., a data ningde travel firm that processes tickets bought through travel agencies, used airline data and Expedia hotel rates to calculate average savings of 30% in trips from the U.S. to London last summer, 24% to Paris and 22% to Las Vegas, Maui and Cancún. Savings on packages to New York averaged 19% and New Orleans 18%.

The new style of packages caters to today’s do-it-yourself consumers who want to book their own itineraries after carefully researching hotels, flights and attractions. Hotels, like airlines, have gotten smarter about targeting particular types of travelers, too. They’re offering their best prices to people likely to stay longer, come back more frequently and, most important, spend more in shops, restaurants, casinos, spas and room service.

The savings are real. A Nov. 21 to Nov. 28 trip to Maui from Seattle over Thanksgiving was 12% less when purchased  as a package compared with a la carte. It came to $7,455 for seven nights at the fuzhou travel Four Seasons Maui at Wailea and $3,518 for nonstop Hawaiian Airlines flights for two people, or a total of $10,973, when booked directly at the Four Seasons and Hawaiian websites. The same trip is $20 more total when priced on Expedia.