Jewel vision 260

One ofthe most popular aquariums, the Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium offers a top quality big aquarium in a cost that is very excellent and is good for individuals just getting started in the world of bass as it contained every thing you must begin.

Why buy the Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium

The Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium is well created with discretionary bottom cabinet and it is curved front glass cell. The Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium can be bought by you in 4 different colors:



Wood that is dark


So you can make sure to discover something which may go nicely with any style room inside your home, each colour looks quite elegant.

Ideal for beginners

One great advantage of the Vision 260 is that's more or less comes with every thing required for novices beginning. Once it is create whatever you need to do is add fish

Some of the characteristics the Vision contains is:

Aqua Heat Heater (300W)

Bioflow Filter System

Juwel EccoFlow l/h pump

Large- Lite Unit

Sponges that are 2 Excellent

As with all Juwel Aquaria it comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee should anything go wrong with it.

Volume: approx. 260 Litres

Aquarium Jewel Vision 260 Measurements: W121 x D46 x H64 cm

Cupboard Dimensions. X D46 x H73cm

Reviews of Juwel Aquariums

The only downside we observe of the merchandise is the dimensions (but just if you have a smaller home!) as some may find this a bit to big. However if size isn't a issue this really is a fantastic value aquarium and cabinet to start you off on earth of bass.

Having looked across the net many of the reviews are amazing along with the extras included are very beneficial like the high performance Bioflow and the Eccoflow circulation pump that is very powerful however hushed.