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Lubricants Management

    China diesel generator data networking industry - Lubricant management, oil is a variety of petrochemical products in most grades, Máy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 200kva Máy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 250kva the use of very broad category. While lubricating oil is a technology-intensive products. Only by improving the lubricating oil management, proper use of l

 The bulk lubricant storage period is generally not more than six months. Máy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 150kva  Máy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 180kva5. The density of oil products between about 0.75 ~ 0.95g / cm, is lighter than water and not soluble in water, lubricating oil flash point (opening) is generally higher than 150 ℃, belong to combustible materials, storage and transportation process should be taken to prevent outflow pollution and fire burning.


    The different oils should be piled separately and clearly marked name, grade, rank, number and storage, etc., in order to avoid a mistake when shipped. Máy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 125kva Máy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 150kvaLubricant use process management

   Lubricant performance indicators selectedMáy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 100kva  Máy phát giá rẻ Shangchai 120kva (3) different types of oil, if known to mix the two components do not contain additives.


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