A successful entrepreneurship stories is about challenges and respites


There are two kinds of entrepreneurs, one who does business and the second who creates job. First kinds of entrepreneur are the people born with a silver spoon but they are still entrepreneurs because they have started a business and made it successful. Second is the kind of entrepreneurs born with nothing but idea? It is their experience that turns them into an entrepreneur they are entrepreneur by accident and not choice and their work makes a dent in the world.


For the second kind or say it as for the real entrepreneurs, it is difficult to survive because they are not fond of rules and they are not here to sneak into the crowd. They are outliers and they have the requisite courage to take the road not taken and carve a niche for themselves. They know how to reach the island where magic happens.Success stories of entrepreneurs in India are crazy beings with volcanoes of idea erupting in their mind but it is not that easy to make it large. There are innocuous obstacles in the road, erratic government policies, obsolete status qua and respect for the 9 to 5 job culture that coaxes them to dump their dreams and follow the crowd.


Challenges are a part of the contemporary entrepreneurial industry. No entrepreneurial stories are complete without these obstacles. It is these entrepreneurs who create businesses that witness unprecedented growth and breaks the stereotyped image of businesses. Let’s concentrate on the varied challenges that lie in the road to being a successful entrepreneur. No entrepreneurship stories are complete without hardship, innovation and a grandeur marketing strategy.


Culture: It’s been only a decade since Indian youth moved from job seekers to being job creators. The respect for 9 to 5 job remains the same in the eyes of the well-cultured parents. Only a handful of parents are ready to let their kids do what they want to do read what they are born to do.


Mentioning: With the start-up culture being only a decade old, are we seriously looking for entrepreneurs who can mentor the newbies? Hell no, it is probably one of the reasons why potential talents in the country are wasted.


Policies: Blue gape one of the largest Indian merchandise start-up who acquired multiple rounds of funding changed its business, from being an enterprise dealing in merchandise to being a content creating platform, they shifted, you know why? Because of erratic and unclear government policies. A company with a turnover of million dollar had to shut its functioning then how can you expect a new start-up to grow under this environment with claustrophobic rules.


In a country where people look at success stories of Indian entrepreneurs with sceptical eyes, how can you expect someone to provide the requisite fund for starting a business that may or may not work? Difficult right? No, impossible.With all these challenges, it is almost impossible to be successful. Start-up Success Stories looks at this messed up situation as no problem but as an opportunity. Start-up Success Stories is no evangelic but an entrepreneurial move it is like oasis in the widely spread desert and it is a respite for the exploited entrepreneurs.


Startup Success Stories is rather a cry than an attempt. It is the need of the hour and surely not a luxury. Their effort to change the way world looks at entrepreneurship is inspiring and motivating. They are here to help growing start-ups and grow along with them. They are going to put in the requisite effort to make entrepreneurs move fast and break things. They are here to see the world change and they are here to be the catalytic change agent.