Push That Room: Make Guest Bedrooms Look and Feel Fresh

Spruce up your guest bedroom and make it fresh and 'friendly' for your guests. Whether it's family, close friends or people you've never met, make the room enjoyable for them. Not sure how you can make the room more livable? Below are simple tips for a happy guest.

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Pay Attention to Bedding Every Two Months

Bedding becomes stale when not in use. To keep your bedding fresh for guests, remake the guest bed at least every two months (changing the sheets, washing the linens). It's also recommended that you properly store your sheets to keep them in pristine condition: place clean sheets on the bottom of the stack and take sheets from the top when changing your bed. That way, bedding gets the same amount of use. A mattress with memory foam is a great option if you're worried about imprints and weak spots developing over time. There are many options at online stores or retail outlets for plush bedding sets made with top notch material to complement your mattress.

Fresh Flowers Next to Bed(s)

Help make the room feel like home by placing a fresh bouquet of flowers next to the bed. Not only will it keep the room smelling nice, it will also make your guests feel welcome. Just be sure to snip the ends of the stems 1/4 inch from the bottom, and add flower food to the water to help flowers stay fresh. In case of allergies, have a fake version ready that way they'll have the look of flowers but without triggering allergies. Make sure artificial flowers are of good quality, and aired out in advance to avoid adding chemical smells or offgassing.

Have a Gift Basket Ready

Welcome your guests with open arms, or a welcome basket! A few ideas could be:

Place a small wicker basket on the bed filled with necessities: shampoo, conditioner, dental floss, ear plugs, an eye mask, a small alarm clock, lip balm and a small candle. Use a small tray or box divider to place these items: a facial towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, cotton balls and cotton swabs, lotions, a small candle and so on.

Guests will be impressed with their welcome basket and it will help get their trip off to a good start. If you prefer, make a basket they will be able to take home, just attach a note letting them know this is a present just for them. Besides a gift basket, keep a deep wicker basket in the room filled with bathroom towels and extra blankets.

Pamper Guests, Fine Linens

High thread count bedding can get expensive, so look for sales you can find high thread count Egyptian cotton on sale for around $20. The soft, luxurious, silky sheets will help leave your guests feeling refreshed.

Place Books & Magazines

Supply your guests with current magazines and a variety of books so they have something to read at night, if they wish. Stock the reading material on the nightstand, where it's easily accessible.

For Close Family, Friends, Personalize Rooms With Pics

If you have family staying for a week or close friends coming over for the weekend, personalize the room with pictures. It will make them feel at home and perhaps feeling loved. Show pictures of you and them spending time together or photos from your most memorable trips.

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