Enterprises Benefit from Session Border Controller Solution

As the technology is evolving by expanding its horizons, more and more enterprises are moving towards VoIP technology. The VoIP transfers data, voice, media and multimedia files over internet. It not only makes the communication cost-effective, but also enhances the communication of any organization with its value added features. Likewise, any other technological inventions, the VoIP solutions are also prone to internet related threats. Thus, it is very much important to secure your VoIP network with some firm solution.


SBC Solution is one of the best security peripheral for a VoIP network. It works on the session level to ensure the greatest level of security. Though, security is a prime feature of the SBC solution, it also offers many other features which leverages the VoIP network of any scaled enterprise of any industry vertical.


The SBC solution can be software or a specific hardware device, which resides on the border of any network. It takes care of each session initiated, conducted and terminated on VoIP (Voice over IP) network. The SBC solution makes sure that each call or data pass through the network is Authorized and Authenticated. It sits in a pivotal position and plays different roles like router, firewall, etc. The SBC controls the quality of each data or voice call transferred through the SBC solution.

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