An embarrassing condition for any man, gynecomastia, has various reasons to get developed. The condition is defined as over sized chest appearing like breasts in males. Breasts, however, are main attractive part of the human body that has its own sexual appeal when found on males?chest turns to be very reversed. They become embarrassing, insulting and it is worth being criticized by people around.

However, there are no exact causes known for gynecomastia but several factors have been considered as lending themselves to develop this embarrassing condition among men. Some men mess with steroids. They will develop fatty and glandular tissue development in the men's chest.

Numerous causes give rise to gynecomastia. One of the most common causes of gynecomastia is felt during adolescence among boys. This, however, is quite natural due to some hormonal changes and this condition will generally begin to recede later in puberty but sometimes it can remain later into the life.

Aging and obesity may also play major role developing gynecomastia in men. Obesity is cause of gynecomastia in many people with overweight. The fatty layers also accumulate at some other sites of the body in those obese people. Common places are chest, thighs, belly or tummy and more badly, on the face and neck.

There are some other causes of gynecomastia. Males with an XXY chromosome have also been commonly associated with oversized chest appearing like a girl's breasts. The growth of the chest in men can also be due to certain adrenal and testicular tumors and hyperactive thyroid gland that produces excess estrogen in males giving feminine characters including the breasts.

Another worse condition, however rarer, is the breast cancer in men. It can lead to similar chest (or breast) growth. This cause is common with other gynecomastia causes such as different types of cysts, growths and clotted blood make chest to appear bigger and giving the look of breasts in men. Surprisingly, gynecomastia can happen to one breast too. Here, all the causes are applied to one of side of the chest of the male.

There is another group of experts, who believe that the gynecomastia or the bigger chest in men can be due to hereditary. That means if a man's father or ancestors had this problem, will pass on those causative factors and genes to their grandsons. This boy will develop bigger chest with no any other reason.

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