Major Agencies Associated to Register Company Spain

Major Agencies Associated to Register Company Spain

To register company Spain, you have to follow some steps and contact multiple state agencies or offices. All these offices have their own essence in the registration of your business in the country. All they require you to furnish necessary documents and approvals from other offices timely. They provide you a time period for completing the processes. You can find more details and assistance from the expert lawyers of Lequidy.

Agencies Involved in Company Formation in Spain:

1.    Central Commercial Registry – To obtain a certification of the availability or uniqueness of the chosen company name (certificación negativa de la denominación social) from the Mercantile Register, you have to come through this office. On an average, one to two days will be required for completing this process.

2.    Bank – Opening a bank account on behalf of your company is essential. Also you have to deposit the capital and take the deposit certificate for further queries.

3.    PAE – You may have to spend 1 day or more at Punto de Atencion Empresarial or PAE during the register company Spain processes. Filing the single electronic form (DUE) is required for proceeding further.

4.    Public Notary – Now consider to get the registered public deed of incorporation of the company along with the CIF or Fiscal Identification Number.

5.    Town Council – The declaración responsible or start of operations need to be notified from here.

6.    Dirección Gral Trabajo - Comunidad de Madrid – The Delegación Provincial de la Consejería de Trabajo e Industria is required at the next step of company formation in Spain.

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