Ever Thought of Trying an Automated MBOX to PST Tool

If you haven’t ever thought of trying an automated tool for export exchange Mailbox to PST, then you should. Most of the Mac users stay content with Apple Mail not because it is one of the ace email clients but because the thought of changing on to a better email client seems too cumbersome. Especially, if one wishes to move to MS Outlook for Windows, the task seems to be a gargantuan one. But what if there is way out? What if there is something that helps to convert Mac Mail to Outlook within minutes without any trouble at all?


Trouble Free MBOX to PST Export tool is Possible with Automated Converters


Export exchange MBOX to PST becomes quite simple and safe with Mailbox to PST converters. These tools are very well programmed for conducting migrations that range across the platforms, i.e. from Mac to Windows. Because the format used by both the email clients, i.e., Apple Mail – MBOX and Outlook – PST, it is the work of the converter to convert MBOX to PST. The biggest advantage that you will have here is that the converter will do its job without troubling you for anything.


What all is the Converter Going to Convert from MBOX to PST?


The converters take into account all the data that is there in your Mailbox. Unless you want to make a choice, the converters will normally convert all the data that resides in the Mail. So, all the messages, whether Inbox, Sent, Drafts or Junk; the entire calendar; all the contacts; all the attachments; and even the metadata like the status of the messages, size of the attachment files, etc., will be converted as well into PST. Moreover, the best MBOX to PST converters do the job in the most organised way and leave you with organised results.  http://www.digitaltweaks.com/mailbox-to-pst-export-tool/