How to retain the flame retardant during XPS recycling-A breakthrough recycling way

The other day we launched a fresh XPS chips and flakes plastic recycling machine recycle machine successfully at customer’s site in Beijing. This is an entire new recycle idea for the margins in the XPS production collection.

Due to the pressure from conservation, CO2 foam XPS production series is gaining floor. However CO2 foam requires co-blowing agent such as DME or ethanol etc. which are flammable. How exactly to recycle the XPS margins without lack of fire retardant is really a big challenge besetting every XPS panel manufacturers.

Our initiative solves this problem intelligently. The chips and flakes from the margin from the XPS production line or through the unqualified XPS planks is going to be conveyed to a nourishing silo by air.

These chips and flakes is going to be pushed into kneading extrusion system that will crush and small it into semi-molten condition. Then the semi-molten lumps will be extruded right into a heavy sheet that may enter into a pelletizer to create it into little granules as with the picture.