This question is for Gilmore Girls lovers!!?

Here are the episode summaries from the episode you mentioned, Sookie's wedding to the most recent episode in season 6. You can watch the most recent season on The WB at 8 Eastern on Tuesdays, but in September, The WB at UPN are merging to become The CW. Season 7 premieres on September 19th, 2006, along with seaosn 6 coming out on DVD.

Summaries: Sookie's wedding draws near, while Lorelai finally relents and goes into the diner, where she apologizes profusely to Luke.Christopher comes to town for the removal of Rory's cast and decides to stay for Sookie's wedding. While Lorelai and Chris seem to be getting along, Sherry drops a bomb. Paris is running for student body president,