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Reality TV star and naturalfoods chef, Frankel has appeared on three different reality shows. She created the popular liquor brand Skinnygirl, Celine Bag Sale which she sold in 2011. However, despite promoting that her product came from natural food Celine Micro Luggagesources, it was removed from Whole Foods when it was discovered that it contained sodium benzoate, a preservative that has the potential to take on a carcinogenic form. Frankel also came under scrutiny for her rapid weight loss following her pregnancy.

Considered a modernday diet crusader, Taubes has played a vital role in questioning some of the most common dietary practices. In 2002 he wrote an article that criticized a lowfat approach to losing weight, and in 2007 his book Calories, Bad Calories question the longheld belief that all calories are created equal. Obesity is caused, Taubes argues, Celine Nanno Tote not by the quantity of calories you eat but by the quality.

1 Jillian Michaels One of the bestknown personal trainers in the world, Jillian Michaels claim to fame Celine Phantom Cabasis directly linked to her presence on hit TV show Biggest Loser. While the contestants on the show lose hundreds of pounds, many health experts question Michaels exercise selections, her background as a trainer, and whether her tactics are sustainable and healthy in the long run. Additionally, several classaction suits have been Celine Handbag filed against Michaels regarding the ingredients and claims in her weightloss products.