Ronaldo C four league goals for 5 years 0 Worst

Benzema, Real Madrid French center arranged nearly four league goals. C Luo continue to struggle in the league, in addition to a single field 6-0 rout of the Spaniards than five goals, C Luo six games crop failure, nearly four in La Liga, 0 goals, and create nearly 5 years the worst Cheap Fifa 16 PS4 Coins !

Malmo 2-0 win over Champions League game, C Luo arranged two goals. Portuguese star at Real Madrid scored 323 goals, tying Raul, Real Madrid became the first scorer in team history. Although Real Madrid's official website, "Marca" that C Lo is 324 balls, but OPTA and the famous teacher Mister Chip data were considered, C Luo to irrefutable beyond Raul, you also need a goal. Such a big scene in Madrid derby, C Luo attack the milestone.

Opening only 3 minutes, C Luo received a Modric's cross headed wide. At Atletico aggressive defense system, C Luo difficult to get a chance. Uruguayan defender Godin figured out the trick defensive C Lo, in the fierce physical confrontation, closing down close under high intensity, C Luo restricted area is extruded. The second half C Luo three shots, but Mubarak did not give O'Brien create a threat. OPTA data show that, C Lo 90 minutes time of 6 shots (Real Madrid team 9 shots), only 1 shot is. Goals eager C Ronaldo, did not give his teammates sent key pass.

Warfare broke lack technique, one C Luo free kick best at scoring tool, nor the power play. The first 38 minutes, Real Madrid get a free kick, C Luo right foot shot over the bar. Portuguese star recently shot 85 times free kick, hit the wall 34 times, 25 times by the goalkeeper, 23 non-biased namely high, hitting the woodwork once, only 2 break. Atletico Madrid C Luo was again zero seal, nearly five times against Atletico Madrid, C Luo a ball does not enter. Since last February 7 0-4 defeat Atletico Madrid start, C Luo will not become protagonists in the derby.

La Liga Atletico Madrid is famous hardliners, C Luo deep. The first 53 minutes, C Ronaldo and Atletico Madrid defender Jimenez scraping, 20-year-old Uruguayan teenager lifted his left foot, kick flashed past spikes, almost hit C Lo's right leg tibia. C Ronaldo fell to the ground, hands to the referee to protest, also Mengchuai foot, schematically Jimenez for his flagrant foul. But the referee did not pull out a yellow card Jimenez, which makes C Ronaldo angrier.

Real Madrid 1-0 Granada, Bilbao win 2-1, 0-0 Malaga 1-1 Atletico Madrid, C Luo has four league failed to score, and this is since since September 2010, C Lo league's longest goal drought. 5 years ago, Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid had just entered, C Lo madman arm has not yet entered the state. But after the end of the season, C Lo 40 league ball wanton, became the first 40+ scorer in La Liga history Buy Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins .