LED show applications business to speed up innovation and brand success inside the future reshuffle

Due to the fact 2000, China's LED show applications market created steadily, the general size enhanced year by year, it has come to be the LED business chain, an important element, as a representative of your LED show LED display applications in several fields of social economy has been extensively used , LED display applications market has turn into apparent positive aspects and capabilities, the improvement of a thriving new industries. (vms)


1 % industry growth


2014 year, the National LED show applications market market place size reached 30 billion yuan, 27 billion yuan much more than the year 2013 enhanced by about 10%. Engaged in LED show applications item development, production, main companies have more than 500 engineering applications, the sector employed additional than 50,000 people in size.


LED show applications business is reasonably concentrated within the East and South China, North China's development in current years to enhance the clear. In accordance with business association statistics, in 2014, LED display applications in east China production enterprise product sales accounted for 33% from the nation, accounting for 41% of South China, North China accounted for 17%, southwest, northwest and central China accounted for 8% although the Northeast area accounts for less than 1%, the regional concentration of your business is obvious.


LED display marketplace applications industry's total sales of show merchandise accounted for about 80% of total sales, LED lighting and also other LED show applications product sales accounted for about 20% of total sales. In all LED display goods sales, outdoor show sales share of about 60%, the proportion of sales of indoor show of around 40%. China's LED show goods, exports accounted for about 15% to 20% of total sales, in 2014 the National LED display exports of about five.five billion yuan.


LED show applications broadly applied marketing media, convention and exhibition, data dissemination and also other application marketplace improved year by year. China has come to be a manufacturing power LED display and application of power application solutions, is moving towards technical energy. Meanwhile, the Chinese LED show applications corporations produced numerous good business. (led road sign)


National LED display applications industry annual sales of extra than billion scale enterprises have about 50, of which annual sales of 200 million to 5 billion enterprise has about 20, annual sales of 500 million to ten million enterprises about 10, there are 3 organizations with annual sales of 10 billion yuan. Sales-scale enterprises account for 50% to 60% of the whole market. 2014 annual sales of 500 million yuan a lot more than the main companies, including: Shanghai to assume twice Technologies Development Co., Ltd. Nanjing Roper, bright colour Strait (Zhangzhou) Optical Co., Ltd., Xiamen robust giant color Optoelectronics Technologies Co., Riyadh Optical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. joint building, Shenzhen Chau Ming Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. along with the like.