The Advantages of Expanded Polystyrene

1, Expanded Polystyrene packaging products spaces replaced by gas per cubic decimetre volume contains 3.006 billion separate sealed bubbles. Therefore it is several times larger than plastic to dozens of times.
2, Expanded Polystyrene has the ability to absorb shock loads. Expanded Polystyrene packaging product when subjected to impact loads, the gas in the bubble by viscous flow and compression, external energy is consumed, escape, foam with less negative acceleration, phase out impact, therefore, Expanded Polystyrene has better shock effect.
3, Expanded Polystyrenethermal insulation properties. Thermal conductivity thermal conductivity of pure Expanded Polystyrene (108cal/m.h.Deg c) and thermal conductivity of air (90cal/m.h.About) the weighted average.
4, Expanded Polystyrene insulation is good. Noise of Expanded Polystyrene products mainly through two channels, one absorbs sound wave energy, expandable polystyrene reduce the reflection and transmission of Second, eliminate resonance and noise reduction.
5, Expanded Polystyrene also has anti aging and corrosion resistance. In addition to long term exposure to high-energy radiation, no obvious aging. Expanded Polystyrene can withstand many chemicals such as acid and dilute alkali such as lime, asphalt, methanol,.
6, Expanded Polystyrene has anti-static properties. Because Expanded Polystyrene products have low conductivity, so easy to produce their own live in the rub, for the average user will not affect. For high-precision electronic products, especially Hyundai electronic large-scale integrated block structure of components, you should use anti-static Expanded Polystyrene products.

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