Obama: Successful Businessmen Are 'Society's Lottery Winners'

OBAMA: "The top 25 hedge-fund managers made greater than all in the kindergarten teachers within the country. when I say that, I'm certainly not stating that because I dislike hedge fund managers as well as I believe they're evil, Im saying that youre having for you to pay the lower rate when in comparison for you to a great deal of folks who're creating $300,000 each along with every year. An Individual just about have got a lot more than youll actually always be able to use in your family members will at any kind of time become capable of use. Theres the fairness issue involved here and also through the way, if we were in a position to close which loophole, I couldn't spend funds on early childhood education to produce any click here difference. Thats where the rubber hits the road. Thats Arthur the area where the problem regarding compassion as well as I'm my brothers keeper makes play. As Well As if we cant ask through societys lottery winners to merely help make that modest investment, then really this conversation is for show. In case we cant inquire much [ applause ]."