Different age with different block toys

Even we want to give a happy time for our child with various toys from toys manufacturer in China, we need to pay high attention to these toys when we choose them from toy market as different age should have different toys for a kid. Now I want to talk about the different block toys for kids.


For children under 2 years old, we can choose the color bright, strong contrast blocks, which will help to stimulate your baby's interest. But babies under 2 years old will directly get the mouth to bite, easily throwing toys, so the ruggedness and security are important building blocks of the material like the car toy materials from remote control toys supplier. In addition, to avoid the child hurt himself crawling or toddler, the building blocks to choose smooth edges, and the number should not be too much. Parents accompany their children to play together, to teach children how to distinguish the color, size, shape, and learn to set up simple items, such as small doors, small houses and so on.


Meanwhile, you can ask the suppliers when you go to the market of China novelty toys wholesale online to buy a toy for your kids.