The newest android 4G Full Nectom smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note2 Reviews

Here is a new android mobilephone Xiaomi Redmi Note2.This smartphone have huge function and larger screen.In addition,Xiaomi Redmi Note2 has appeal to many students,because Xiaomi Redmi Note2 have cheaper price.Thus,I will introduce some reviews give you.

Hardware configuration in a thousand machines have no opponent, and to support the expansion of the memory card, various sensors, replaceable battery, fast operation speed, with ease of use MIUI system is good, 1080p screen is very delicate, camera focus speed quickly, called the capture artifact, GPS positioning function is positioning the fastest of all mobile phones used by the people, cell phone charging more than two hours can be filled. MIUI Android 5 optimized there are too many defects need to improve, the first software can not be installed into the memory card, and the camera shooting video and photos can not be saved to the memory card, GPS map huge data packets can not be stored on the card, so that the actual use of the body can only be stored in the case of 12G is very fast enough, this is urgent need to improve millet. Second is the camera imaging clarity and color optimization is not good, the white balance is yellowish green, the lack of a sense of the level of photo. Third is the need to further improve the power consumption rate, the battery is still not durable.

Through those reviews , I hope the Xiaomi Redmi Note2 information can help you.Many people think Xiaomi Redmi Note2 is worth to buy,how about you? Welcome to communicate with me,thank you!