Baltimore gynecologist commits suicide after secretly recording his patients

Dr. Nikita Levy, a former gynecologist at Johns Hopkins hospital, one of the highest ranking hospitals in the nation, committed suicide in his Baltimore home after news headlined that he secretly recorded his patients while performing gynecological procedures.

Before heading to the basement of his home and committing suicide, Dr. Levy left a note in his wifes car saying he did not want to see her suffer with the truth.

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With the use of a technologically sophisticated video recording pen, according to forensic investigators, Dr. Levy not only recorded his patients while performing exams, but for reasons yet unknown, he also stored the recorded information files in a personal database. As details continue to emerge, investigative forensic sources indicate there could be over 1,000 victims whose visits were secretly recorded and cataloged in Dr. Levys computer hard drive.

Tera Johnson, a former patient, who frequently recommended Dr. Levy to her friends, was shocked beyond belief when she learned of the allegations.

"He was kind, a professional, Tera said. But I guess behind closed doors, you never know what's going on" -- a harsh reality to accept for women who rely and believe in doctor/patient confidentiality and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which enforces patient privacy and security rules in hospitals.

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Immediately after the news became public knowledge, a director of a non-profit Baltimore counseling center began receiving numerous out of state calls from affected victims trying to psychologically cope with the emotionally devastating news -- the flood of calls have prompted the counseling center to organize group therapy sessions, just for Dr. Levys patients alone.

Dr. Levy was a well respected gynecologist with a clean reputation who had no history of any moral criminal convictions, disciplinary action or malpractice judgments against him. As those affected voice their outrage, Baltimore police suspect that Dr. Levy may have also secretly recorded under aged patients -- a tip line has been set up in an attempt to connect with those who may have been victimized.

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Tracy Williams, another one of Dr. Levys patients, was traumatized beyond belief saying, "I just can't believe it. What was he doing with the pictures and video?" It is difficult to imagine the emotional turmoil being felt by the victims of this atrocious moral crime, and the betrayal of trust which can cost a lifetime of mental trauma.