It's a 5000mw green laser with a capacity

A powerful 20mW Green laser Pointer Pen for fans of this technology that emphasize security in the regular use of such devices.This 300mW laser pointer is an extremely powerful lasers, whose beam is very visible. This green laser is one of our most powerful lasers.A green laser pointer pen with its 300mW particularly bright beam makes it very suitable outdoors.It is recommended for astronomical use, pointing to objects over very long distances or just appreciate its highly visible beam.this powerful laser pointer 300 mw is very visible in the night. you can refer the below image dessous.d'un compact and pleasant design, it attracts many of our also has several uses, such as point to the stars, present a lecture, pointing architectural details on buildings (day) and point day rocks several hundred meters in archeology.

300mw laser Introduction
This laser pointer pen is sold with a battery. The beam has a long reach in the night. The day, green is very bright. your cat will not get tired of chasing. Do not keep the button pressed for more than 20-30sec. otherwise puissance.De big loss of memory, the laser beam is a beam of light called "consistent" that is able to vibrate and resonate to the molecules of the body it touches, causing them to ignite the heating, if the power of the beam of the transmitter is sufficient.
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Click to open back style Green Laser Pointer with Clip

It's a 5000mw green laser with a capacity: 300mw Type: KGL-619, materials: Al, their light beams are of green color. There is 1 rechargeable battery, reference: 1 * 16340. The operating voltage is DC3V. The switch is in the rear. Just lightly press the switch, less than 3 seconds. Its dimension: 120mm * 25mm. The wavelength is 532nm. Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 30 ℃ The wave is longueuer 5000-10000m.

Green Laser Pointer

If you ask my opinion, I will recommend this 300mW 620 Click to open back style Green Laser Pointer with Clip / Black battery you. This laser pointer is a good guide for your trip and a good tool for pointing to the faraway target or stars and sending out the SOS signal. Made of high quality materials and fine workmanship, it is durable in use. You just need to click the button, you can see the green light. Powered by a battery, it might provide you long time use, which is an appropriate use for mountaineering, lighting the field and many other occasions. With a small and compact design, this Laser Pointer Blue 30000mw is convenient to carry for your mobile usage.This is an ideal laser sight rifle, pistol, paintball or airsoft gun. It has a laser sight for pistol accurate. it is a perfect gift for amateur hunting. The 5mw red laser sight is fixed on a handgun or a long gun, 11-16mm fixing ring. The product can adjust up, down, left, or right. The 5mw red laser sight for pistole (mounting 11-16mm) has two color lights, red and green, buy after choosing the correct color to avoid unnecessary trouble, please, thank you!