Orient Automatic Nobel Collection CFHAD003B FHAD003B Men’s Watch

Orient Automatic Nobel Collection CFHAD003B FHAD003B Men’s Watch

Orient’s fame as the most dedicated in-house movement producer has gone far and wide; it’s a surprise how they provide such high-end products at such a price range. The other part to the story is Orient doesn’t sell their movements to others; they keep things exclusively for their own use, which is highly uncommon in the industry and doesn’t apply to others apart from a few indie watch manufacturers. But it helps the brand to maintain the quality of their wristwatches; it’s not for nothing Orient watches are held so high in regard, lauded for their rich styling and sworn by for their reliability. All that sums up to bring the Orient watches their tremendous values.


The Nobel automatic is no deviation from the Orient norm. It looks classic, fits the contemporary style criteria, features a semi-skeleton dial and turns more than a few heads. Tp match the skeleton dial, it exhibits a transparent case back; so the end result is you can see it both ways. Together, they surely do impress and prides itself on the fact that it is a watch connoisseurs watch with all the necessary things gone into it. If you were looking for a no-frills, robust and trustworthy Orient Automatic GMT watch, then this is it!


With all that said, question remains (for the uninitiated, though) – why would you wear the Orient Noble? A simple answer for the simple minded would be because it’s stylish and elegant and the inner movement is just fabulous to look at; not just the motion of the balance wheel but also the power reserve indicator thrown in to add an appropriate finishing touch. It makes the piece not only exquisite to look at but also adds a superior functionality.


But for the serious watch collector, the Noble is a pleasant deviation from the trend. It’s a break from the monotony of round watch cases. It’s an alternative watch case shape that’s going to appear appealing and put some square-ness to a watch box. The Orient 3 Stars caliber 46S56 is also another reason, but let’s not get too technical this time.


Look-wise, the Noble’s movement is viewable through the 9 o’clock cut-out and it clearly shows the mechanism at work inside. It’s fun, no doubt, even to non-watch-nerds. The Orient Mako Diver we spoke about earlier tracks 40 hours in total, which is a good thing if you are not buying it for everyday use and you don’t have a watch winder at your beck and call. There is a separate sub-dial for counting the seconds and this is what gives the watch a dressier getup. Therefore, if you were been wondering on whether it’s going to catch the cuff of your shirts, it will not and you can stay rest assured about it.


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