POE Price check | The best way to evaluate your objects

Price check please - this is certainly one of your most common phrases heard in Route of Exile chat. There may be reason behind that. With its exceptional forex system, pricing items may be extremely confusing for brand new players who have little to no experience with Route of Exile trading. Here in this guide, I will try out to clarify the secrets behind pricing goods during the sport.

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How do I know, whether item is good or not?


One on the most complicated parts is to remember and understand what is excellent on merchandise. Oftentimes men and women throw definitely useless items in chat asking whether they’re excellent or not without even thinking about it a little bit. It is not that uncomplicated, you've to look at the product closely to price it perfectly. Also, to price things a little much better, it is good plan to familiarize yourself with meta, what builds are at present the most popular, what things they use etc. It helps to understand what kind of items and mod combinations on the items persons are looking for that most.

Base item


Base item is important in product pricing - it can make or break product. Here is really an example - at the moment, crit Tornado Shot builds are popular, and the most important merchandise from the make is bow. Folks who enjoy this make, look for highest crit chance possible around the bow and the vast majority choose Harbinger Bow base because of its implicit crit chance mod. If you have Harbinger bow and Thicket bow with same mods, Harbinger will sell for much more forex because of builds popularity and distinct function on the base item. Harbinger bows have large crit, Thicket bows have significant attack speed, therefore Thicket bow will have little use to actual physical damage crit create - high attack speed weapons are employed for elemental damage builds to take advantage of flat elemental destruction applied as quickly as possible.

Affix tiers and combinations within the merchandise


These two, are definitely the key factors that determine price of any rare product. As I have mentioned in my other posts, unusual merchandise can have six affixes - 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes. Affixes have tiers, for example, here is definitely the list of amplified bodily harm tiers as well as their respective names: