Citizen ID Card Recognition SDK

OCR SDK refers to Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit. It is also called OCR engines which do the actual character recognition. With this powerful technology, developers can integrate the OCR technology into the software to develop products they want. The OCR SDK can be integrated into mobile application or PC software to meet clients' requirement.

Yunmai Technology is a professional developer of optical character recognition SDK and has become one of the best mobile OCR technology and application developers in the industry. We develop Business Card Recognition SDK, Document Recognition SDK, Banking Card Recognition SDK and Chinese Citizen ID Card Recognition SDK. By integrating Yunmai Document OCR SDK, your software is able to extract text from images, and create editable files. 

ID Card Recognition SDK can be applied to Securities companies, banks and other financial institutions for self-registered account. It is also widely used by government which has to record the information of citizen ID cards into the computer. Sometimes, they need to input the contents of Chinese Citizen ID Cards, but typing Chinese is difficult for them. ID Card Recognition can help them retrieve the information from the ID cards. 

In addition, with implementation of the real-name system, people may need to input the ID number when they order air tickets, or handle administrative procrdure. The smartphones’ screens are small and the length of ID numbers is long, that can result in mistakes when you input the information. ID Card Recognition SDK can help people easily scan the ID cards through mobile device’s camera and extract the contents from them. Then it can input the ID cards numbers automatically for you.