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beauty is a light in Valentino Shoes the heart

eilander1542011 saysGood points have already been made, but let me see if I can add something new. As jdflom said, there are many kinds of beauty; physical beauty that of the face and body spiritual beauty that internal flame that ahorseback mentioned the beauty of nature and the universe, the beauty of a lack of beauty meaning that we Valentino Shoes On Sale could not recognize beauty without ugly, so in a roundabout way, ugly is also beautiful. Valentino Slingback Pumps

As far as people go, I would say that the more important beauty is that of the soul. Our culture is so corrupted and brainwashed to think only of physical, outer looks, yet we never find anything fulfilling when we Valentino Flats Sale look there. Now don't get me wrong, if a pretty girl walks by me I will look at her, but I will not be so bold as to call her beautiful until I have spoken with her and discovered how she utilizes the Light. So in the end I would have to say "yes, I agree," the Light within us all is the beauty that we should be most concerned with.

True Beauty is but a light in the heart, as we labor tirelessly to appear younger, thinner or the latest version of "hot" the real focus should point elsewhere perhaps otherwise the journey is fruitless, much like a stunning Valentino Sandals but hollow shell.