How to store cashmere overcoat

Cashmere overcoat is a good warm garment in winter, cashmere overcoat is always popular among members, but usually we do not know how to care it, cashmere is a weak fiber structure, so we need to cherish it carefully.

Cashmere fabric does not resist the high temperature because of its soft fiber, high temperature can cause pressed pile, wrinkle and transformation, and high temperature will let it to lose its softness and smooth, so please pay attention to the temperature when washing.

Please pay attention to keep clean when wearing. We need to fold the cashmere traceless underwear to get rid of the dust. We can also use pappus static brush to brush the cashmere coat to get rid of the dust and to prevent the moth. Otherwise, we need to clean the cashmere product immediately when stained.

We need to wash, iron and dry to reserve the cashmere product which will decrease the activity conditions and ranges of the moth and it can kill the bacteria. Cashmere underwear can be folded to seal with a plastic bag and put in a wardrobe. The overcoats need to hang in the wardrobe with a plastic bag. We need to shut out the light of the cashmere product to avoid fade. We need also usually ventilate and pat the dust to get rid of the moisture and do not insolate it. We need to put in a wardrobe after dry. At the same time, we need to put the mould proof and moth proof troche to avoid the cashmere getting moisture to go moldy.