Automobiles With The Highest Theft Rate

Carjacking Victim - Dont Become One! Learn How to Make Yourself a Hard Target There are many people whose cars are already stolen at some part with time during their lives. It seems that no matter how safe, technical, and fancy car systems and anti theft devices get, thieves still find away to go around them. So, which are the latest ways people are stealing cars and how are you able to possibly prevent your car from being stolen? Knowing is definitely the first defense. The very first thing that you want to be sure is basically that you usually do not leave your valuable possessions in plain sight. Many thieves will target your vehicle because they note that GPS navigation system on your own dash. Attacking such a car will give them an instant payout since those types of items sell for the good little bit of money. Even if you dont leave an invaluable item in the open, an easy become leaving a gym bag with your passenger seat can entice a thief into using the chance in your vehicle. They just need to think that there could be something worthwhile within making it a target because of their theft. Things like cellular phones, mp3 players, expensive clothes or shoes, or maybe a wallet is likely to make your car or truck a target for these scum. So make certain you safely stow all GPS units or bags prior to leaving your car or truck longer periods of time. Curious why thieves are stealing average cars like Camry and Accords? Its because these autos might be stripped because of their valuable parts which then could be resold. The parts could be resold for only over the vehicle is in fact worth. Parts are very much popular because many drivers are keeping their cars longer due to financial crisis. Index crimes include murder, rape, burglary, aggravated assault, robbery, and car theft; they may be called index crimes do in order to their seriousness and frequency of occurrence. Murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery all belong to violent crimes, while car theft, burglary and larceny fall under property crimes. The index crime stats are used to indicate what are the crime levels will be in specific areas across the country from cities and counties to states as well as an overall national outlook. Index crimes may have more or less individual categories depending on each areas own comprise; as an example in Texas the above list are considered index crimes but Michigans list includes arson. Check your local state to recognize just what the crime rates will be in your location. You can find that information at the local state bureau of investigation. Scenario 1:You get hit through the rear - simply a bumper tap. The person behind you, perhaps a woman, is apologetic and gets away from her car investigating your bumper. Maybe temporary car insurance shes crying, maybe shes an extremely attractive woman, but what you dont know is that it is her friend whos standing on the corner just in front of you. When you get over to pay attention to damage, he jumps in your car and suddenly you might be a pedestrian! Never leave your keys within your car, even if youre just exploring trunk! Because they could be intending to carjack you at gunpoint, be very wary about getting away from your car or truck to start with.