Black Teas Similar To Darjeeling Tea - Other Himalayan Tea Growing Regions

Darjeeling tea, which generally describes black tea generated in the Darjeeling district of northeast India, is among one of the most well-known as well as highly-regarded types of tea in the world. However, the Darjeeling district itself is rather small, and there is a much larger band of regions at the foothills of the Himalayan range of mountains with a comparable climate. Numerous of these areas likewise produce tea, and the tea remains in several aspects much like Darjeeling black tea. This write-up checks out a few of the black teas generated in other Himalayan regions beyond the Darjeeling area. These areas consist of various other districts as well as states of India, such as Sikkim and Jalpaiguri, as well as neighboring areas in other nations, consisting of Nepal and Bangladesh.

Other areas of India:

After Darjeeling, the next-best well-known tea expanding region of India is Assam. Although Assam is geographically quite close to Darjeeling, it is located at a reduced elevation as well as has a noticeably warmer climate with greater moisture yet lower rainfall. These conditions, coupleded with the fact that the tea grown in Assam is produced from a different, large-leaf cultivar of the tea plant, causes tea with a significantly different character from Darjeeling tea.

The other high-altitude areas close by, however, produce teas quite similar to Darjeeling. Sikkim is the best-known of these regions, although it is most likely still rather heavy to anyone green tea other than tea enthusiasts. Jalpaiguri, the area straight eastern of Darjeeling, is maybe a lot more heavy.

Neighboring regions of other countries:

The teas most just like Darjeeling tea that are outgrown India are those expanded in Nepal. Darjeeling actually discusses a substantial boundary with Nepal, and also the regions in which tea is grown in Nepal not just have essentially the very same environment as in Darjeeling, but the traditions herbal tea benefits and society of tea cultivation there are likewise quite closely relevant. Although they are similar to Darjeeling teas, and are categorized by the same system of flushes (very first flush, second flush, autumnal flush, etc.) Nepalese black teas absolutely have their own unique personality to them and can be determined thus to the trained taste.

Bangladesh is likewise relatively near the Darjeeling district, and also there are areas. Teas from Bangladesh, nevertheless, are not as widely available on the Western market, and many of them are also a little less close in personality and quality to those created in Darjeeling. Nevertheless, this country does warrant reference.

In summary:

Black teas generated in Darjeeling, India are amongst the most well-known of top quality, loose-leaf black teas. However, there are other close-by areas, including Sikkim and Jalpaiguri in India, and also exterior of India, surrounding areas in Nepal, which make similar teas. These teas have Darjeeling-like top qualities, however additionally have their own distinct qualities and offer a fascinating modification of rate for interested fanatics of loose-leaf black tea.