Dive Into This Seasons Hottest Neoprene Swimwear | Zoey Gulmi


Neoprene fabric is coming in hot... especially in swimwear! That's right, wetsuits tend to be not merely with regard to aquatic events anymore.

Made for that water, neoprene is flexible, sporty and also ozzes "bond girl" sex appeal. Whilst the athletic trend stemmed via wetsuit material, it has had off full paddle and now in most its post-scuba glory, neoprene has become the fashion world's fabric darling -- cropping up inside tops, laser-cut skirts as well as girls swimwear bikinis galore.


In fact, from the particular time British Vogue hit the potential (as for each usual) using their Kate Upton neoprene swimwear spread again throughout June, these physique glove inspired pieces have been sensation the enjoy from designers and mermaid lovers alike.

In the actual identify associated with research, (and any kind of excuse in order to hang poolside) I determined I needed to get oneself a neoprene bikini for myself. the moment I attempted it on, I really feel throughout love using the assistance it offered as well as the means it seemed for you to mold in order to my body. Your greatest part? The Particular great thing about Neoprene is usually that there's absolutely no fuss, no bulge and also the material is wave physique friendly due to its seamless suit along with structure. Not Necessarily to end up being able to mention, its bright fluorescent look, sporty overlays along with bold details will make you need in order to ditch the pool as well as go ride a new wave... preferably somewhere exotic using a consume within your hand but that's neither here nor there.


Truth time? whether you're intending ongoing surfs up or girls swimwear just looking to lounge about pertaining to some fun in the sun, a new neoprene bikini is a trend that's girls swimwear really worth diving into. Trust.

Photo Credit: Dani Fine Photography

*I'm wearing a new bikini via Triangl Swimwear as well as sunglasses by Burberry!*