Black Friday predictions: What should you buy? - Video game consoles (5)

With no new "it" gaming console to drive sales, expect lower prices on older models this year, said Shawn DuBravac, chief economist and director of research of the Consumer Electronics Association.

New consoles tend to be released in href=""> five-year cycles, he explained, and we new launch are currently in the middle of a lull.

A recent price cut on the Nintendo 3DS to $169.99 from $249.99 will likely mean particularly deep discounts on the older models like the DSi and DS Lite, noted NPD's Baker. Baker says the very best deals will be bundles on one of the older models with one or two games for $79 to $99.

Wii consoles will also be cheaper come Black Friday, as retailers aim to clear their shelves to make room for the new Wii U slated for next year. "Expect deals such as a Wii bundled with a $50 gift card for $149 this holiday season," said's Olson.