Beautiful Holiday Decorations from the Worcester Wreath Company

The holiday season is such a happy time. People come together to go shopping, sing carols, bake cookies in festive shapes and to deck the halls. Decorations in the form of Christmas trees, strands of homemade garland and christmas wreaths start showing up in houses, on mantels and on front doors everywhere. Wreaths have become especially versatile and they are found not only in doorways, but over the fireplace, on windows and even on light poles. Some people have been known to attach a wreath to the front of their vehicle. It is not a new fad for the wreath to be used in celebrations. Quite the contrary - wreaths have been used as objects of celebration since ancient times.

Long ago, the wreath was used to symbolize victory. It was often made of bits of leaves and twigs. The wreath was worn on the head and showed honor to all it adorned. Perhaps it was sentimentality that transferred the wreath from the head to the wall as people possibly saved it as a memento. Ancient people knew the wreath as a symbol of eternity and strength. Since it spans religions and beliefs, it has become a popular holiday decoration. It is with great pride that the outdoor wreaths started making these wreaths over four decades ago.

Worcester wreaths are made from only the finest balsam firs in the state of Maine. The firs are specially grown and tended to so the tree produces limbs that do not shed at first shake. These evergreens hold true to their name and make a spectacular wreath. There is a great deal of pride that goes into a Worcester wreath and you cannot go wrong when purchasing one for your front door or a dozen for all the windows.

When one first thinks of the Christmas wreath, usually the first thought is of a Christmas decoration. However, they are not limited to the twelfth month of the calendar. They make lovely memorials as well. Worcester wreaths are known as the Founders of Wreaths Across America. This wonderful company once adorned the graves of veterans at Arlington National Cemetery with their wreaths. Nowadays they still supply wreaths across the country to honor the military. You can check out the complete story at So whether you need a memorial or a decoration for your front door, a beautiful evergreen wreath is the perfect holiday decoration.