Federalism is rejected, ‘Administrative Areas’ are accepted!?

It is possible that many people will not read this article from the comfort of their homes. If so, the more reason why you should all want to read this piece. This is not journalism, if you are reading. This is neither nationalism, nor is it patriotism. This is the concern of a simpleton. These are the words and issues that many of us fear to speak about. These are the simple truths.

Are Equatorians really a time-bomb? The fact is many of us in Equatoria and Equatorians are afraid, and part of the reason we think for our fear is our intellect. Because we are so knowledgeable, we are afraid of violence and violent usurping of power thereof. And because we are not well equipped with evil designs in the exercise of any power over others we wield, we are soon clustered as second class citizens, only worthy of being led by brutish, simple-minded, and those quick-to-temper. And of course, we in Equatoria have mustered talking, mastered our problems, and failed with the highest scores in putting our speeches into actions. This is no calling for a coup or militancy! It is a far bigger search. I will have to swallow my pride and embrace the saying that an eye for an eye left the world full of blinds!

It is easy for me to use the ‘clustering’ that I so vehemently reject, but it is also true, I must admit that our country is no longer a contest of the weak and the strong; and the weak in our case are not necessarily only the Equatorians; the suffering are not Equatorians alone either. I have traversed the country side and seen people outside Equatoria in need of more assistance. If anything, the people outside Equatoria need federalism, even if only in theory, more than the supposed architects of federalism designs.