F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet Will Sling Lethal, Unmanned Drones At Enemy Targets -- It Just Has To Get Off The Ground

Almost since the day it was conceived, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been a disaster. Productionof what was supposed to be the ultimate fighter jet for the U.S. Air Force, Marines and Navy has consistently blown deadlines and itscosts haveballooned to $163 billion over budget.

Even worse, it all could have been avoided.

The U.S. Air Force and contractor Lockheed Martin say theyre (finally) putting the finishing touches on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a trillion-dollar war machine that was supposed to be ready for battle nearly 10years ago.

But problems persist.The latest:Congress is furious that pilots who weigh less than 136 pounds -- which could includemany women