A simple solution to window cleaning streaks

When cleaning windows, no matter how you try there seems to be streaks on one corner or another. Windows are cleaned on both the inside and the outside usually when spring cleaning is done and many other times during the year depending upon schedules and necessity. Knowing where the streaks are located will save you time and be able to tackle them more quickly.

Streak-free windows let's more light in!

Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Simple fix:

When you set out to wash the windows remember to clean them in two body corporate window cleaner separate directions. If you begin washing the inside of a window wipe it clean vertically. Then when you clean the outside of the window switch your wiping direction to horizontal. Now if you see any streaks on the glass panes you will know if you need to go over the window on the inside or the outside and not do both sides from being unsure. You will get through all the windows a lot faster when you only have to wipe them clean once.