Why to purchase property in Thane?


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With the rising mortgage rate in Mumbai, house hunters have been dealing with a monetary blow. Buying a flat in the suburbs of Mumbai is not an option anymore, courtesy to the sky-rocketing prices. However Thane seems to welcome people from Mumbai with open arms. It is just 22 kms away from Mumbai and exhibits state-of-the-art infrastructure, amenities and more.

Owning property in Mumbai seems like a farfetched dream. The working class was definitely not up for it. Mumbai being the business capital of India attracts thousands of people every day from various states. With job opportunities swarming the city, there still is a dearth for residential places. Mumbai as a city is shrinking and guiding people to Thane. Property in Thane is in reality a dream come true. It will not be too late when Thane surmounts the popularity and recognition of Mumbai.

Thane an economical destination for buyers:

Property in Thane costs comparatively less than Mumbai. With time constraints the working class of Mumbai also have to face space constraints. A lavish and spacious http://realtytimes.com/ house is unaffordable in present times. Renting a house or even a commercial office burns a big wide hole in the bank account. Instead of burdening your shoulders with loans and premium payments, choosing Thane over Mumbai, sounds smarter.

Investing in real estate in Mumbai is an excellent idea, from the business prospective. However the problem arises when you have to make payments. A piece of land in Mumbai is like gold they say. Owning a house in Mumbai can gain you profits, but to own something you need to allocate money.

Property in Thane on the other hand is a buyers paradise. The high rise buildings, parks, activity centres, malls, multiplexes, represent the fast paced development of the neighbourhood. People find it difficult to raise children in the city. With all forms of pollution plaguing the air, crime rate at the rise and encroaching settlements disturbing your peaceful life, Thane paints botanique at bartley review a different picture. Thane is nothing like Mumbai. The broad pavements, roads and green patches, cape the suburban feel. Once settled in Thane you do not feel travelling to Mumbai for anything. Whatever you require to make your stay comfortable and worthwhile is present in Thane.

Rains do not flood the drains and cease the http://realestate.pennlive.com/ day in Thane. On the contrary Mumbai appears to be drowned and surviving by the thread. Thane is just 30 minutes ride or drive from Mumbai. Thane is well-connected. Public transportation is accessible and the frequency is excellent.

If you cannot find what you seek for in Mumbai, then you will definitely discover it in Thane. You can call Thane, Mumbai annexe. With the development programs at full throttle, it will soon replace Mumbai being a hub.

Thane offers a pleasant and decent lifestyle at an affordable budget. You can live life king size once you own a house in Thane. You need not live like a tenant in Mumbai forever. Buy a flat in Thane and live like an owner.

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Acme Group's journey towards excellence began in 1976. Acme began with a thought of making it big in the sector of real estate in Mumbai and advanced to being one of the top builders in Mumbai. Acme has several ongoing projects with 2bhk flats in Mumbai and upcoming projects with well planned flats in Thane, Goregaon, Vile Parle, Dahisar, Andheri, Kandivali and other suburbs in Mumbai.