smiley I would not start it with "ONCE  UPON A TIME' and probably the ending would not be 'THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER' because our story is UNENDING.
We have different set of friends,different attitudes,character and point of views.We have GOOD FRIENDS that will give you advices and CRAZY FRIENDS that would show us a different side of life.I started working here in Dumaguete City Negros Oriental in a Call Center Company(Qualfon Dumaguete City).I was applying during that time in qualfon were i met this girl.Never i expected that would be the start of a new pace of my life.Her name is HEMELYN REYES but she would preferred to be called "HEMZ'.We click instantly as if we know each other for a long time.I decided to rent an apartment with her.We have same schedule during our shift.Every pay day we treat ourselves.We buy clothes together,eat together basically we do everything together.She's one of my closest friend in work.Then here comes CAROL JANE PRIEVE she's hemz cousin.She also worked in Qualfon.She wanted to rent in the apartment were we are staying.When she started staying in the apartment i met new set of friends.
Namely Fharlah Dongcoy(Aleng),Markenneth Ibero(mark),Eliezar Joyohoy(eli),Edzil,Vincent Paul Banez(popsie),Dominic Colina(dj,bibi boy),Denver Colina(gardo),Anton Colina(bibi girl),Jessa Marie Pilas(hessa),Rosel Nina Salimbagat(gudi),Sal Va Je(Steel),demz,clint,thad,noveem,Julius Delotivo(butchoi),Lenuel Garcia(lenuel),Jona Mira, i call them my new found FAMILY.
We go out together, i mean when im with them i forget everything,like im a new person.Unending laughs and unexpected get together.Those were SUPERB bondings.We have different life stories, i mean we have our own 'MAALALA MO KAYA' but somehow we click instantly.It seems like we were destined to meet each other.God is so awesome.He crossed our paths in the most unexpected ways.I did not expect that i will find a new FAMILY in them.Although we have different attitudes,we have arguements as well but despite of that everytime each one of us has a problem there's always a helping hand,shoulder to lean on,and ears that is willing to listen.
That what make's us INCREDIBLY SUPER SPECIAL. We have a bond like a FAMILY.I mean i find comfort in them.And i dont wanna change every moment i spend with them because those were priceless and treasured moments.In life we met different set of FRIENDS who will show us the different side of life.Friends that you do crazy stuff together.Friends that would critize you and the only person who can make your EVERYDAY crazy,pissed off,loved,happy,excited,special,irrated,angry and disappointed.But who cares,they are my friends and i dont want to trade THEM to any GEMS in the world.And i intend to keep them FOREVER no matter what.I may not know what the future would brings us but they will always stay in my heart.Because they are FAMILY.
Guys i will stop from here but dont worry there's more because i know that we will still continue to create new and fun memories together.As what i said our story is UNENDING. So basically you will hear more from me.I mean about us. Forgive me if you will find many errors in my writings,grammar,spelling. Im not perfect i just want to share how i fell inlove with my friends.Till next time.. See you soon