Blogging is passion, bloggers are our passion!


Bringing the world closer and more authentic to you through blogging! As we are a world for bloggers, we are also the world for readers! Bellosso Magazine is committed to ensuring the highest standards of responsibility for our bloggers and readers within highest quality long-term.


Every day we read magazines or newspapers, online or print. Bellosso Magazine is the first worldwide independent blogger magazine. We are focused on high quality outcomes and make a contribution to redefining media through our bloggers worldwide. Our credo is transporting personal emotion from around the world in our everyday life. Our responsibility is a clear focus on sustainability and personal emotion.


Bellosso Magazine is an independent worldwide blogger magazine, founded in 2015 with its headquarter in London. Bellosso Magazine combines the diversity of a magazine with the authenticity, character and emotions of a personal blog. We work with great known bloggers and passionate newcomers, committed to high quality and individuality. The major topics are lifestyle from west to east and south to north. The main categories are fashion, music, tech, news, travel and many more - featured and published on a daily base.

The faces behind Bellosso Magazine are in the first place our permanent bloggers and our great number of guest bloggers and secondly the founders. The Bellosso community is a mixture of extraordinary and international people, with a mix of deep passion, know-how, creativity and emotions for media and blogging. Only this special community makes Bellosso Bellosso Magazine - one of a kind! A place for interesting, brand new, emotional blog posts every day!