How to Make Cleaning Fun - Q&A

Q: Are there any cleaning products that smell amazing and are therefore a pleasure to clean with?

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A: Most scented products are unhealthy, and not so fun.Go for unscented products or ones that smell good using natural essences think lemons, essential oils, and more.

Q: Are there any fun gadgets or tools that make cleaning easier, and therefore more enjoyable?

A: Steam vapor (SV) machines are great because they use only steam to clean. Get a good one (e.g., youll be disinfecting too without the use of chemistry. What takes chemicals several minutes to do to germs, a quality SV machine can do in seconds.

Swiffer dusters are great because they really do remove more dust more quickly although microfiber cloths do as well.Still, the Swiffer is unique. Disposability is a plus since you are throwing accumulated dust away rather than inhaling it.

Q: Any tips you have on how to make cleaning more fun and less taxing?

A: In some cases, especially if you have a disability or are too pressed for time, cleaning is the most fun when someone else does it! Hire a maid service and save yourself some grief. Visit

If you are physically able to do it, its the most fun when:

1.Your home isnt cluttered. "Throw away, give away, put away" is the first step to fun and streamlined cleaning 10 minutes spent decluttering can save 6o minutes of cleaning because you are reducing the total surface area you are cleaning.

2.Once you declutter, try pumping dirt instead of pumping iron cleaning as a form of exercise is great if your home is not cluttered and you can enter a state of flow by carefully planning your activities.

A Harvard study implied that:

155-pound person walking for 30 minutes can burn more than 100 calories

155-pound person cleaning for 45 minutes can burn more than 200

Theres an article on Housekeeping Channel on pumping dirt.

3.Cut and use lemons to freshen the kitchen they smell great and the citric acid kills germs always wash cuttingboards in hot soap and water then pass a sliced lemon over the top to kill germs let the lemon juice dry on the surface.

4.Resolve to remove not spread dust around use microfiber or disposable Swiffer-type dusters since they do remove more dust use vacuums that keep the dust inside.

5.Resolve to dissolve rather than scrub away dirt. If you use gentler cleaners, letting the solution soak works as well as strong cleaners without soaking.

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