UEFA unilaterally declared the secret clause invalid

Private Agreement Between Atletico and Chelsea Since Chelsea and Atletico Madrid are to engage in the Champions League semifinal, the problem if Courtois marches out has been people’s concern. In accordance with the lease contract, on behalf of Atletico Madrid, Courtois will fight against Chelsea. Then Atletico needs to pay three million euro to Chelsea, which is unacceptable to the Legion sheets Fifa 16 Coins.

UEFA unilaterally declared the secret clause invalid. But Cerezo the chairman of Atletico said:" We are the people who respect contract."Both Atletico Madrid and Chelsea are not willing to violate the terms of the contract secret. For Atletico, the Courtois’s appearance is obviously a great news. On the contrary, Chelsea simply does not want to see this result. After all Atletico wants to continue the next season lease, it does not want to deadlock their relationship.

However, UEFA has made it clear that if Courtois will not play because of this clause, or if Atletico pays Chelsea for Courtois’s appearance, then the two clubs would be investigated by UEFA and punished because they violated the basic principle of fair competition.Under UEFA extremely tough situation, Courtois appearances became an inevitable choice Buy Fifa 16 Coins.