High quality cashmere yarn

Cashmere is a fineness hair derived from goat, usually its hair diameter is between 14um and 17um, Consinee cashmere yarn hair diameter is between 14um and 15.5um, and length is between 30um and 45um, goat cashmere fiber is made up of cortex layer and scale layer, fiber cross section is elliptic cylindrical, it has natural luster and feels soft, light, warm and smooth. It also has good elastic; it is called “king of fiber”. A goat can just produce 50-80g every year, 5 goats annual producer can just make a common cashmere sweater.

Goat cashmere fiber curly is less but curly degree is large, usually goat cashmere straightness is over 300%, but 64 count merino wool is just 160%, so goat cashmere product is warmer than wool. Under the same temperature and moisture, cashmere is easier to absorb moisture than wool. Number of seconds in water, cashmere fiber can be wetted but wool needs several minutes to get wet. Because of cashmere output is just 1% of wool in the world, so cashmere price is much higher than wool, it is the best animal fiber.

With the development of people living standard, we find a kind of yarn which has good warmth, and the weight is lighter than wool, this is cashmere yarn. Goat cashmere yarn is called fiber diamond or soft golden; it became the queen of the animal fiber because of its special physical feature, its value also makes common wool too far to catch up. Maybe it is the reason why cashmere yarn does not become the main trend of the market. Cashmere yarn price is higher than common wool, but cashmere overcoat is very precious and warmth is twice than common wool, it is loved by people. There are any people like cashmere yarn along with gradually understanding of cashmere yarn.

As a good supplier that cooperated with world first class brand, Consinee obedient to the Italy technique and Italy craft with Consinee make, getting a good common in the world, yarn area elites speak highly of Consinee yarn.