Secret smaller spacing led display technologies

 Using the improvement of technologies, LED display technologies continues to progress, and now far more and much more indoor screen dot pitch favored by the marketplace, now have LED display makers have introduced p1.2, P1.5, P1.6, p1.9, p2.0, p2.5 higher density LED show, and began to use in command and control and video surveillance.


Large-screen monitor within the indoor market plus the LCD DLP splicing splicing the two display technologies occupy the market place opportunities, though they have their own advantages, but they are nothing at all but there's a widespread challenge, that is certainly, between the patchwork unit show. Higher density LED (vms)show has inherent advantages can be accomplished seamless. High-density pixel display smaller, much more and more high-resolution, show much more clear, delicate. When displaying standard definition images, you may totally meet the specifications on the resolution. In the event the high-density lamp reduced and reduce rates, is bound to high-density LED show will occupy a bigger market in the indoor video surveillance.


High density led show with high-definition show, higher refresh price, seamless, superior cooling technique, straightforward accessibility and flexible functions. Together with the increasingly smaller pixel pitch, the LED placement, assembly, splicing process and structure raised larger and higher requirements. In this paper, some research on technological concerns. (led road signs)


1, LED option: more than P2 1515,2020,3528 density display commonly applied lamps, LED pin shape with J or L package. Lateral welding pin pads have reflective ink is poor, we'll inevitably must raise in an effort to enhance the contrast from the mask. Density to further strengthen, L or J package electrical performance can not meet the minimum spacing specifications should QFN package. 1010 and 0505 the country star Crystal stations are utilized for this package.


Original QFN package unique welding method, this approach is characterized by welding with out lateral pin pads non-reflective, so that the color is extremely very good. Further integration of all-black design and style molding, screen contrast enhanced by 50%, indicating that the application quality final results contrast previous screen far better.


two, the printed circuit board approach selection: With all the trend of high-density, 4-layer, 6-layer is employed, the printed circuit board will use micro vias and buried vias design, printed circuit pattern thin wire, microporation narrow spacing, mechanical processing employed in drilling technologies can not meet the specifications. Quickly created laser drilling technologies will meet the micropores processing.


three, printing technologies: too a great deal, also tiny solder paste volume and offset printing directly impact the quality of welding high-density show lamp. After the right PCB pad style needs to communicate together with the manufacturers to implement the style, the opening screen size and printing parameters correct or not directly connected towards the quantity of solder paste printing. General 2020RGB device uses 0.1-0.12MM thickness of electro-polished laser stencil, 1010RGB following devices advised stencil thickness 1.0-0.eight. Thickness, the opening size is proportional for the quantity of tin is incremented. High-density LED welding high-quality and solder paste printing closely with thickness testing, SPC analysis along with other functions will use the reliability with the press plays an important significance.


4, Mount Technologies: High-density screen device place each and every RGB subtle shift will outcome in Screen display unevenness, will need a extra precision placement equipment, Panasonic NPM gear placement accuracy (QFN ?? 0.03mm) to P1.0 meet the above placement requirements.


five, welding procedure: reflow soldering temperature will cause excessive wetting is not balanced, it can inevitably trigger the device results in offset the imbalance within the wetting approach. Excessive wind circulation also can result in displacement on the device. Attempt to select more than 12-zone reflow soldering machine, chain speed, temperature, wind and also other circulation as strict handle on the project, that is, to meet the requirements of welding reliability, but also to minimize or keep away from the device shifts to try and handle the demand within variety. Normally within the array of 2% because the pixel pitch handle worth.