New car in five necessary skills

New car in five necessary skills For many people, cars are still belongs to the "luxury", with the hard-earned money bought a new car, least a decade. The car is durable and less trouble, had a lot to do with the operation of the "period" is Car Diagnostic Tool. Generally speaking, the new car before 5000 km, belong to a period. Although the new car's engine are passed "cold running-in" before they go out, but this kind of running-in or not can replace the adaptation of the actual use. So, new car running in should pay attention to what issues? You might as well learn we are going to introduce ten new cars running in skill, let the car through this period of decision "in the future happiness" period. Skills: preheat the cold car necessary Someone will ask: now the engine technology advanced than before, but also need to pay attention to so hot? Of course it is necessary. This is because Auto Code Scanner, a reasonable preheating can help the oil in the oil film formed between engine parts and components, thus reducing engine parts wear and tear. Technique 2: driving should shift in time This technique is mainly for the manual cars. In the run-in time driving manual models, shifting to timely and properly, avoid high gears error behavior of low speed and high speed range, also do not use a long time the tests (of course, the speed is quick in top gear case except). 4: pay more attention to the status of the oil In the running-in period, the engine is in a state of "fade in" critical stage, the tiny chip produced by the unit operation will be mixed with oil, such as oil change not in time, will aggravate the engine wear and tear. One thing it must be noted that do not add any so-called in oil anti-wear additives, or do more harm than good. Technique 5: add fuel to the quality Many new owners are saving to buy the car, in order to save money; everyone will go to some private pumping gas oil prices lower. These stations however, there is no guarantee that the quality of the product for the damage but can small vehicle.
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