Hemilay page 1

Hemilay page 1
We call her HEMZ from the famous City of Tanjay.
If i will describe her she has white skin tone,long blonde hair,love's tattered shorts,love's to drink(i mean you know what kind of drinks im talking right?) and she liked to go out and have fun alot.
Well to sum it up she's not a morning person(laugh).Honestly speaking we just love to go out and forget our  problems for awhile.I met her 6 months ago and thats were it all started.She become one of my closest friend here and my partner in crime.
I mean not  literally crime like killing someone that is punishable by law.You know what i mean when we say crime(gigle).We hang out alot but let me share you something.Before i meet her she worked in Bacolod City as a Call Center Rep were she stayed for atleast 3 years if im not mistaken.
She graduated in NORSU Dumaguete City as CUMLAUDE taking Bachelor in Mass Communication.Impressive right?!!!And that's were it all started we make many fun memories together.I mean in our worked place before its never boring if you only know(hahahaha).
We shared secrets i mean secrets that means life and death(laugh).THURSDAY,FRIDAY,AND SATURDAY are critical days of the WEEK.Its a good time to go out and meet new friends,because some of the good looking guys are roaming around the City.Looking for their princess.And if you mean princess thats US.Literally US,US,US!!And if anyone reacts to that your in a BIG trouble.I mean like what  great ANTON COLINA once said that WERE NOT EASY GIRLS .oh cmon try US!!!
One of the memories that we had when we are still working in Qualfon and it all started as a typical day we worked 5 days a week and it only  means we only have 2 rest days it means we have to enjoy that 2 HOLY DAYS like its the last days of our lives.Its like life and death(exaggerated).Well i want to share something on what happened on one of our ever HOLY REST DAY.
One fine evening we went to this local bar were we would spend most of our spare time.How stupid of me to introduce her to this guy that would tore her heart to pieces(if i only know i would not do that).Eventhough she denies that she doesnt fell something to this ASSHOLE you can notice it in her eyes.That she fell something to this PIECE OF A SHIT.
to be continued.....