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And take it from  Rihanna's popular song DIAMOND one of the line goes "shine bright like a diamond' That's her when his around. She will deny this but wait till she got drunk you will know that im telling the truth.I mean i heard her many times, she would asked and looked for that guy when she got drunk(proven and tested).
You can feel her happiness everytime she's with him but who would have thought that this same guy who brought sweet laughter to her would caused her too much pain that would Broke her heart.
Boys always confused me. Why cant they stick to one person and be honest?Boy's have this attitude that if they know that you felt something to them they will used it against you.I mean they will let you feel like your the apple of their eye and that  your the only girl in his SHIT OWN WORLD.Honestly speaking there all the same.We are all humans and we have our own weaknesses too.. So as Boys..
 They play your feelings but honestly speaking its there defense mechanism. They're also Weak!!And they are  afraid of REJECTION..SO LAME!!Because behind in every boys 6 pack abs is a scared little kitten.
Moving on, in family matters you'll be amazed on how brave she is everytime her mom needs her help and how she stood up just to keep the family together.But not everyone notice the pain she hides from within.
I know that she's keeping her pains and heartbreaks by herself.There's this one incident that i saw her cry because of her family,never would  i thought that she would break down and cry.I heard her say that she like to run away with her mother.But just like everyone else her desire to have a complete family make her stay and i know she cant leave her father like that.Though she would not admit it he care for him.
Sometimes i wonder WHAT IF,WHAT IF  we have the priviledge to choose who would be our parents.Would it be amazing?But god has his own mysterious ways. .And a peaceful and happy life that we all dreamed of will come true in God's perfect time.So hang on smiley i know that sometimes you fell like giving up,just hold on and tighten the grip and dont lose hope.As your life story continues may you have strength. Life has lots of suprises all you have to do is be strong and get ready.Because in every storm a rainbow will appear after the rain stops(drama).
In a ordinary and normal day who would have thought that the person you share your heart breaks with is siiting 3 chairs away from you.Who would have thought that on that day(feb25 1:00 am) we would be friends.Though we had our differences,i mean were not perfect but we still manage to work it out. Thanks for making my  SINGLE LIFE AGAIN exciting.I would never thought i will find a friend in you.So lets make more crazy memories together and more ker2 to come.So dont bother looking for him again(and you know who im talking about)he dont deserve you.You deserve way more better than HIM.
Chill in God's perfect time.Okay Harvey?i mean Hems?
Pakners in Crime