Raising credit score in 5 months?

Umm I would be paying off those debts before you get a mortgage your just going to go into debt further.

As a person that is also in debt and had my scores in the 500s a few years ago and now I'm ranging between 692-702 right now. My advice would be pay everything off first. If you get a mortgage at that rating your going to be paying a sub. amount of interest.

Rent cheap and then pay those bills and then go buy that house. Your just going to get yourself into more debt...

Sorry to preach but trust me, I've been there and still am and my advice cut up the cards and go with the cash base-system and work out a budget each month. If you have to eat pbj and cereal it is worth it then being in debt.

How are you getting screwed?? Your getting probably told your interest rate will be over 20 percent if not more... Plus, I'm surprised a bank will even approve you with that score.. What is the rush for buying a house??

Again my advice is to pay down that debt.