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And she may very well think she hates you. This includes many obstacles which usually frustrate the protagonists aim of reaching his goal. The 10th house shows pilgrimage to holy places or journey on duty). But probably the worst thing of all for the men who cheat is that they doubt whether or not their spouse will ever get over the affair and truly love them the same way again. Moreover a person may get addicted to it and a prolonged use certainly causes many side-effects. He had a kind and forgiving heart. The character of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice is depicted as a horrible character that is just donne scopate interested in Antonios life. Yes, this can be quite a confusing stage in a friendship when there are mixed signals and inhibitions and signs that you cant put a finger on. Too many expectations, too many aims, too many friends to appease, too many love affairs to handle - bothering you from all the sides the whole day and the whole month. You worry the dark. It indicates places of entertainment. The worst is that you will have to sell the car. Psychiatrists often prescribes valium to loosen its grip on a person. That way you will pay all the remaining instalments. Try your best to solve the problems you can and leave everything else to God.